Fees & Services


We try to lower as much as possible our fees, but there is always the possibility of a purchase with important legal issues to be previously arranged, and this will probably increase them. Please discuss this with our office. We want our fees to be crystal clear, as we only want happy and satisfied clients.

  • If you are going to buy a property, our general fee is a 1% plus VAT on the price of the property you will buy, if you are going to buy cash.
  • In case you need a mortgage and our office has to obtain it for you and coordinate all the documentation with the Spanish Bank, our fee will be an additional 1% on the mortgage figure, plus VAT.
  • There is always a minimum amount we will invoice when the property you buy has a low price: this is 2.000 € plus VAT. The other way round, there is a maximum of 6.000 € plus VAT no matter how expensive the property is.
  • In case you would want to buy a plot and build your own house, and you want us to inspect and control the construction, fee will be also be agreed with the client.

Our fees are fixed fees, no matter the problems we can discover once we are working in your property ( not previous problems we already knew in advance). If it is possible, we will solve them: will probably mean time, but will not increase our fee. In case it is not legally possible or advisable to buy the property, we will invoice per hours.

There is also the possibility to hire our services on hourly basis: 120€ plus VAT per hour, in case you only want legal help for issues different than conveyancing.

The idea is that you look for the property by yourselves. Once you have found it, this is the moment to meet your lawyer: always before signing any contract and before delivering any diposit.

We can also offer you a buying service, a kind of personal shopper. We can look for properties according to your instructions, lowering significantly the time and trips you’ll need to find exactly the property of your dreams, and lowering the final price on you behalf.

Please feel free to get in touch to clarify any doubt you might have. We’ll always answer your mails within the frame of 24 hours.

Services Included

  • If you wish so, we visit the new property with you or on your behalf. Just to be able to advice you about the building quality, surroundings, problems that we think may arise, etc.
  • We do study the price you intend to pay for it, and we give also our advice. According to your instructions, we try to lower the price with the seller.
  • We study with you the way of payment. We study the taxes on it and inform you accordingly to save as much as possible.
  • We prepare the contract we’ll have to sign with the seller as a deposit.
  • We prepare and study all legal documentation in order to be sure everything is legally correct in the Town Hall, Catastro, Land Registry  and Notary. We make sure there are no old debts on the property you intend to buy. If legal problems arise in this stage, we do solve them if possible and included in your fee.
  • We also make sure there are no old debts with the owner’s community, with the Council and with the Water and Electricity Companies.
  • We prepare all documents to sign the Title Deed at the Notary’s. We do confirm it will be duly registered at your name. We are at the notary’s with you when you sign, to translate and solve doubts, or problems that may arise there.
  • We prepare the text to sign a Spanish will, in general stating that you want the law from your own country to be applied to your last will.


We obtain the loan and coordinate with lending bank all the needed documentation to sign the Mortgage Deed at the same time as the Title Deed.


Assistance with applying for NIE number offering you the best advice.Advice & help obtaining the compulsory NIE through paralegal agency or Consulate/Embassy is included in my fee. Normally it takes some 3 weeks to obtain it.

Architect’s Survey

Assistance to find an architect in case you feel that your future property needs a survey, or delivering the architect you choose all the neccesary information.

Spanish Bank Account

We do help you to open a Spanish Bank Account, that you will need to buy your new property and to be able to pay taxes and all the needed supplies.